What we do

Family Structures

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When you spend time with the kids, seeing them smile, watching them play games and laughing along with them, it's easy to forget how heartbreaking and tragic their pasts were.  Stories of child-lead households, abandonment, abuse, hunger, and watching their parents die are all too common at Otino Waa.  But miracles are happening.  Living in a house with seven adopted “siblings” and a widow employed as “Mom”, the children are not only healing from their pasts but helping others heal as well.


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Otino Waa's school is ranked among the top schools in the region. Quality education is the key to breaking free from the cycle of poverty. Because education is so valuable, children are grateful and work hard at their daily studies.

Occupational Training

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POPS (People of Purpose) trains students valuable skills which can lead to gainful employment.

Currently programs include baking, sewing, cafe/gift shop service, carpentry and bee keeping.


After students graduate Senior 4 (equivalent to graduating from high school) they leave Otino Waa. Some join vocational training, some get jobs, while others are accepted into our scholarship program. The scholarship program allows those who qualify for higher education programs to continue their studies and receive a degree. Over 45 students have benefited from the scholarship program to date. Some of the most popular fields include teaching, accounting, and the medical field.


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The housing at Otino Waa Children's Village is structured after local villages. There are 8 children in each house with an adopted mother, who is a widow from the community.

We have 4 full circles with 8 houses per circle.


Community Medical Clinic

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In 2012, with the generous support from East Bay Foursquare Fellowship in Danville, CA, we completed our medical and dental clinic which serves the children, staff and mothers of Otino Waa as well as the surrounding villages.

Water Projects

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Rural Clean Water Development - Clean water is the foundation to health.  Otino Waa has developed 184 springs since 2003.​

Ilera Community Church

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Ilera Community Church began in 2003, under a mango tree, with the need to bring the Otino Waa Orphans a place to worship. Today there are over 700 people from the surrounding villages who attend each Sunday. Here, Otino Waa children help lead music, children's church and act as translators.​

Caring for Widows
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The 27 women, called House Moms, who care for the children at Otino Waa are widows from the community. They are each given a house and eight children which forms their new family. This opportunity gives them a stable income, a safe home, food, community and renewed purpose.


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