Mari Hanes

Rev. Mari Hanes and her husband, Dr. Cliff Hanes, have been highly involved with Otino Waa since the first orphans arrived in 2002. She has led many medical and outreach teams to Uganda and helped raise funds for Otino Waa over the years. Mari served as interim US Operations Manager for 18 months and has served on the board for 5 years.

Mari previously worked for the Washington Agency for Children and Parents and other organizations as a social worker preparing international adoption home studies. She has also authored a number of books for Tyndale House and Bantam books. The Hanes served as pastors of churches in Washington, Bend and Danville before being assigned as missional overseers in northern Europe.

In all her travels, Mari has seen many orphanages, but believes that the work of Otino Waa has the most holistic and enduring impact on the lives of children and widows in Africa.