John Wytsma

John and his wife, Bonnie, have lived in Bend, Oregon since 2005. After college he was commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy and then completed flight training. He served for 26 years as a Navy pilot, retiring with the rank of captain in 1992. He then became the Vice President of an information technology company. He holds a master's degree in System's Management from the University of Southern California. Over the years he has served on a number of non-profit boards.

John enjoys working with teams towards common goals. His purpose in being part of the Otino Waa Children's Village board is to collaborate with other volunteers who represent the best interests of orphaned and neglected children in northern Uganda. John appreciates working with the board to ensure orphans will have an enhanced quality of life and safe, secure homes. He is committed to ensure that Otino Waa's interests, programs and goals are well represented in the future.