Pastor Dickens Anyati


Rev. Dickens Anyati is the administrator for Otino Waa Children's Village and lead pastor for Ilera Community Church, across the highway from the orphanage.  Pastor Anyati assists our directors by also serving as the cultural advisor. 

Pastor Anyati is no stranger to orphans.  His own father was an orphan.  Prior to his position at Otino Waa, he spent two years at Abako Children's Home as administrator caring for children there. 

Anyati Dickens originates from the Lango tribe in the Kole District, Ayer Sub-County, Ilera Parish in the Lela Village of Northern Uganda. Reverend Dickens is one of the original founders of Otino Waa Children’s Village which started back in 2003. Rev Dickens holds a Diploma in Theology and also a Diploma in Ministry.  He is pursuing a Bachelor’s in Public Administration. Rev Dickens has operated in the field of Ministry for the past 29 years. Anyati Dickens is married to Rose Anyati and they have five children.  Reverend Dickens heart’s desire it to raise God fearing leaders, to influence others with the teaching of God and to instill in the younger generations the need for morality in the building of a healthy nation.