COVID-19 and Lockdown Update

Per the Ugandan government’s orders, Otino Waa and our CBC partner schools have closed and students had to return to their villages. Our highest priority is food security and medical care for each child. Our staff is visiting the children weekly to bring food, provide medical treatment, and assess how they are doing. The Medical and Dental Clinic is open 24/7 and we have nurses solely dedicated to providing medical care to our children in their villages.

We are providing food to over 2000 people each week and keeping families fed during the food shortage. Your support is crucial at this time! Click here to GIVE.

Cheryl Padrta

Business Manager

Cheryl has had a heart for PATH Ministries for years. She enjoys utilizing her gifts of administration, service and helps; she brings a great level of financial oversight and overall system operations. She has a great enthusiasm for missions outreach and our mission in Uganda. Life leads us on different and unexpected roads, and she is delighted to have landed here.