Our mission is to provide
education, nourishment and care
to orphaned and vulnerable
children in northern Uganda
through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our Work

We invest the money we raise into building up the future of Uganda—it’s children. We have two models of child care. We have Otino Waa Children’s Village, which is a home to over 300 children who live on site. This part of the ministry has been in place since 2003. Today, this is where children go who have no one to care for them or who may have been in dangerous situations.

The second model is Otino Waa Community Care and it is a complement to Otino Waa Children’s Village. We partner with local churches to equip leaders and to aid children and families with basic necessities like food, medical care and education. Community Based Care allows orphaned and vulnerable children to benefit from Otino Waa’s programs, while continuing to live in their home villages. Many of the children we aid with Community Based Care may have lost one parent, but still have a capable mother or father who can care for them, or may be living with their grandparents. By helping to alleviate the pressure of simply surviving, the family can become more stable and the children can obtain a valuable education.

Our Solutions

A whole-person approach to a complex problem

Vocational Training

We equip our graduates with
practical skills that enable
them to provide for themselves
and their families.

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We employ the best teachers
available to ensure our kids
receive a high quality education.

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The Scholarship Fund has
allowed qualified students
to continue to higher education
and earn their degree.

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Local Church

We partner with local churches
to implement community based
care, and do medical and ministry outreach to the community.

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Medical & Dental

Health is at the foundation of
caring for our kids. We employ
2 of the 250 dentists in all of
Uganda. Our onsite clinic serves the children, staff and community.

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We empower widows and
vulnerable women through community based care and
as house mothers at the Village.

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Here are three ways you can help.

We’ve been caring for orphans in northern Uganda since 2003. Get to know us.

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