Get Involved

Fundraise. One of the best ways to help Otino Waa is to start a fundraiser. Whether you’re young or old, you can make a difference. There are plenty of ways to get creative, have fun and help children in Uganda! Past fundraisers have included walk-a-thons put on by elementary schools, a basketball shooting contest, holding a garage sale and donating the profits, or even donating your birthday money by asking people to forgo giving gifts and instead give to Otino Waa.

Go to Uganda. Another way to get involved is to visit Otino Waa. Each year, we host dozens of people on short-term trips. To learn more about visiting Otino Waa or to request an application to lead a team, please contact us at:

Volunteer. Volunteer – throughout the year, Otino Waa holds events and fundraisers and we rely on the help of our valuable volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer in the future, please email us at: to be placed on our volunteer list.