Wednesday Kid’s Meeting


 In a village filled with almost 300 children, communication and cooperation is essential to keep things running smoothly. One of the key parts to making this happen is the Wednesday Kid’s Meeting. During this meeting, all 292 children, 29 house moms, plus other staff members and the social workers, gather to meet. There are over 330 attendees each week.

This makes for a very crowded meeting. Because the current meeting place is designed to hold about 40 people, the children spread out under trees sitting on chairs and benches they bring from their homes and classrooms. If it rains (which happens everyday for about 9 months) the meetings are cut short because there is no shelter. Five minutes of sitting in the rain here in Uganda would give you the same results as if you had jumped into a pool – you’ll be soaked!

This current meeting place is also a problem because the children cannot all hear the speaker because they are seated too far away. Some cannot even face the direction of the speaker because there are no seats. An amphitheater would solve this problem while creating a place for other meetings that go on throughout the week. 




These Kid’s Meetings are an important part of making Otino Waa continue smoothly. It’s the only time when all of Otino Waa is gathered into one place. A great need at Otino Waa is to have a meeting place that would accommodate the growing numbers of children and staff.