Much To Be Thankful For

There have been some exciting things happening in the past month at Otino Waa and we have so much to thank God for!

Circle 4, Houses 6 & 7 are just about complete and we are putting the finishing touches on them! 

The children are doing well and the new school year is off to a great start. Here is a typical Saturday morning filled with laundry and house chores.


The Illera Community Church across from Otino Waa is pleased to be birthing the Amuca Community Church closer to town. Poles are now in place to raise a roof.


The community impact of Otino Waa goes far beyond the orphanage. Over the past 10 years over 192 fresh water projects have been completed, thanks to the caring hearts and generosity of many.


Thank you for your generosity and interest, people’s lives are truly changing for good, creating a ripple effect throughout the community. We ask for your continued prayer and faithful support. Blessings from Uganda.