Maxwell Okello

Maxwell was born on November 11, 2002. He speaks Luo and is learning English. He is an only child.

In 2003 his dad died of AIDS. His mom also has AIDS and is in need of constant care.
In 2005 and uncle took over the care of this family. Even at this young age, Maxwell was needed to care for his mom. He would get food for her and try to make her comfortable. Sometimes his duties drove him to desperate measures as he would take fruits and vegetables from local gardens at night.

In 2007 the uncle made arrangements for Maxwell to be admitted to Otino Waa. The best that could be done at that time was to put him on a waiting list. Later that same year his mom died. 
Early 2011 brought the good news. Otino Waa was able to accept him. He was introduced to a new family and home. He loves the fact that he now has a new mom. He enjoys school hopes to be a driver when he grows up.