Love Notes from Uganda

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was another great day at Ilera Community Church.  During the early part of the song service the generator was giving the sound crew a hard time.  They were scurrying around while the congregation was in full swing even without any keyboard or mics.  It was a refreshing sound to have just voices–and then one African drum was added.
They got it fixed and we finished out the service with full power.
The choir was a combination of Otino Waa secondary students, mothers, and community members.  It is so wonderful to see the willing participation.  Even Bella was in the Choir.  (She has been so shy that she seldom spoke to anyone.  So this is real news.)
It It was Carol’s turn in the rotation to bring the message and she was tackling “God is in control” and “man’s free will”.  She must have spelled it out quite clearly that we do have choices to make as we exercise our free will because at the prayer time at the end of the service there were 26 who responded in seeking salvation or a rededication.  Most of them were children.  What a morning.


As the final prayer was about to be given an announcement caught the attention of all.  “Line up along the side wall after the prayer if you want to receive free medicine to rid you of intestinal worms.”  A large crowd responded to this highly welcome news.
Can you imagine such an event in the American church?  I’m afraid everyone would be offended not delighted.  Cultural differences do crop up in interesting ways.