Life in the Bush

To see a child of Otino Waa is to see a child or young adult that is responsive, well fed, clean and happy. When you spend time with these children you come to realize there is a story behind each child. A life so different than the one they know now. It was our desire to understand where our kids come from that brought Rory and I into the bush.

The bush itself is exactly what the name implies. Remote and rural, rutted roads wind through clustered traditional huts. Bushes threaten to over take your car, as it bounces and groans through villages.

Finally arriving at your destination, your visit awakens a small community. Sleeping children arise from the dirt. Curious children peek from behind their homes. Elders shyly but, graciously greet you. You look around at all the children, certainly they would all benefit from clean water, clothes, food as well as a chance to be educated. You wonder which one you came to interview as a possible candidate for Otino Waa. Your heart breaks at the possibility of leaving any behind. You see the small amount of food that is being prepared, watery eyes, runny noses probe your heart.

The village clan leader, brings a child forward. This is the child you have come to see. Emmanuel is eleven years old. He was found alone. living in a hut with his little brother. He has been the sole provider, finding roots to boil for food. It is unknown how long they have been living this way. The smaller brother is severely underfed, he is nine but, the size of a three year old. Emmanuel, the older brother is shy. He seems unsure of the possibility of leaving a life where he has only shouldered adult responsibility.





We are happy to report that we have completed the building of our newest home at Otino Waa. The new children to occupy the new house have arrived. Emmanuel the older brother from the village, is among our new children at Otino Waa. Emmanuel’s little brother has been sent food and is gaining weight, it is hoped he will be able to join our Otino Waa family in the future.

The needs are great, there are many, many more children waiting. We are thrilled to announce not only the completion of our newest house but we have begun construction on two more homes!

We would like to thank everyone, who has made it possible to transform the lives of our children at Otino Waa. To house, clothe, educate and nurture children has a value that will never diminish. We invite those who would like to join us in our endeavor of taking care of orphans in their distress and making hope their reality.

Much love, In His name,

Pam and Rory