Jemma Atim

Jemma Atim was born on 1/2/1995. She speaks Luo and has three living siblings. Her mom had a total of twelve children. In 2001, both of Jemma’s parents died of HIV/AIDS. In 2002 the step mom also died of the same disease. All of the children were scattered to other family members and Jemma went to live with a grandparent. Life was a great challenge for the grand parent who had to support other children as well. Jemma spent many days searching for food in gardens or the outlying bush. 
In 2007 the grandparent made application for Jemma to be admitted to Otino Waa.Within a few weeks she was introduced there. She is thankful for her new home and family. 
Jemma is struggling in school but is determined to be a nurse someday. Science is her favorite class. She likes playing all sorts of games, especially netball, with the other children. Jemma likes going to church to learn lessons and pray.
Jemma would like to thank her sponsors for their support. She would love to hear from her sponsors and possibly meet them some day. They have given her hope for a better future.