Inspiration Club

The following is an interview with Sedrick Otolo speaking on behalf of the Inspiration Club at Otino Waa Children’s Village. Sedrick graduated from the OTW Senior 4 program in December of 2016.  He is a strong student leader and one of the founders of the Otino Waa Inspiration Club.



The Inspiration Club was started in 2014 after a group of young men attended a Leadership Camp in Gulu. The Leadership Camp trained young men in Uganda to have Leadership Development. The students were taught ways to build character, be a good leader and train up others in a positive way. The camp inspired the attendees to bring the ideas back to OTW and create a similar leadership program in their school.  They learned the importance of involving all of the kids to train them up and create a positive change in their community. 

The Inspiration Club works at building the talents of kids by challenging them to create a positive change in their lives, their schools and their community. The students work to improve the general cleanliness of the orphanage and surrounding community. The students will go out into the community and help to clean areas that are not well prepared as well as clean boreholes and well areas to make sure that the water sources are kept clean. The leaders of the club inspire the kids with scripture and encouraging words, helping them to be aware of what they want to achieve in life and to remind them of the situation that God picked them from and where they are now at this moment.

A very important component of being a part of this club is participating in preaching the gospel in outreach to the community and by going to other schools and churches with Reverend Dickens.  The students feel strongly about this calling.  The club members share the Word of Christ for the sake of the gospel and strive to unite the kids and staff at OTW together in an orderly way. Last term some of the members of the Inspiration Club went to Dr. Obote College with Reverend Dickens. After Rev Dickens sermon, over 100 students were born again and received Jesus Christ as their personal savior.  The Inspiration Club has also partnered with their sister school in Lira called St. Mary’s Primary school, where they have started a similar club that is following the same model and foundation of the ideas of the Inspiration Club at OTW.

Another important component of being an Inspiration Club member is by contributing positive ideas.  The students created a closed group on Facebook called Inspiration Club #OtinoWaa.  The mission statement posted on the home page reads “This group is focused on uniting all people who passed through Otino Waa and creating a source of inspiration in the hearts of students at Otino Waa. We, as the kids of this place and the former students thought twice to see that we get a way of being united as a family.”  Students and staff can go to this Facebook page and post scripture, prayers and encouraging words to support each other. The club believes in utilizing the talents of the students through creating poems, making skits, as well as creating videos and movies that will inspire others and help them to learn more things and become more curious about life.  Awhile back some visitors came to OTW and donated a good camera which has allowed the team to start creating these videos and movies. Before Sedrick left for the holidays, after his graduation from OTW, he completed two very important projects for the students and community.  One of the projects was a beautiful video he compiled of photos set to Christian music that featured OTW students and guests that had come to celebrate the Christmas party and year end events at OTW.  The second project was a screen play that was written and directed by the team leaders, filmed and made into a movie that was just released on DVD at the end of 2016.  The movie is called “Protected” and is currently available for purchase at the OTW Cafe.  A trailer of the movie will be released soon on Facebook #ProtectedTheInspirationClubMovie.

Sedrick believes that the club will do more and continue to grow and reach more people.  The club is made up of different departments such as: Communication; Language; Talent; and Internal Affairs.  There are 15 Leaders in the club but the Inspiration club is general and for everyone in the orphanage. Sedrick believes the perspective is widening and growing in the club as new ideas come and they begin to branch out to do more things.

Currently, Sedrick is waiting for his final exam results which should arrive in mid-January 2017.  His goals are to go to A level, which is Advanced Level, Senior 5 & 6, where he wants to study to be a pastor and do the works of God, which he believes is the greatest commission that God has placed before him. He also wants to become an Engineer.

Sedrick has been given hope through the sponsors and loving support that he has received for the past 10 years at OTW. He is excited about his future but knows it will be difficult to leave this safe, secure and loving support system. Sedrick wants to express his special thanks to the sponsors and all of those who have participated in being a part of Otino Waa. He says, “What you are doing at Otino Waa, no one could do it, it is only by the help of God and the Holy Spirit that came upon you and made you to help us.  Because we had no hopes in life, me personally I had no hope in life, but right now I can see there is something that God is preparing for me and something that is He has put ahead of me with your support. I pray that may the living God bless you and give you everything you need in life.”