Generators, Buildings and Play Forts!

Dear Friends,
The clinic is being built as you see. The stem wall was made with burned bricks, backfill was added to bring the level to the top of the stem wall and compacted, black plastic covered the entire area. The concrete was mixed on the ground and wheel barrowed to the slab. At the same time the Hydraform blocks were being made at the rate of 1000 a day.

The clinic slab has the wall placement laid out and an inch of mortar is laid to start the wall. Then the first row of blocks are laid in mortar both level and straight. It takes several days to put the first row in because it has to be precise. When that is done right the rest of the building will be level and straight. From there on up the blocks are stacked without mortar and because they are interlocking they will be firm. It is exciting to see the corners being set.

These two are digging the pit latrine for the clinic patients. It will be lined with bricks and mortar for a tank which can be pumped when needed. It is very hard digging by hand in hard pan.
The science room is getting the gas piping for the Bunsen burners and all that’s left is for it to be tested.

The new generator enclosure is shown being made, the generator is placed and the tech got it wired into a switch which can be turned to the grid power or the generator power. It just hums in its enclosure very quietly. What a blessing! Now we have computer classes every day. With this machine we now have enough power to expand for years to come. It is wonderful.

A recent team from Athena has created a real hit – a play fort. As soon as the children were allowed to come they were just like ants going up the cargo net and ladder and then down the pole. We have to finish the railings, ridge cap, and painting.So much fun!