Andrew the Cobbler

This is one of those stories behind the story of what makes OTW an incredible place. Rev Dickens met this man, Andrew, and led him to the Lord. Andrew has gone from being a down and out drunk to now working at Otino Waa as the cobbler. He does incredible work stitching and gluing the children’s shoes and is very quick, repairing over 100 pairs of shoes each month. Andrew fixes the kids shoes but he himself is unable to walk. Although the Otino Waa bus  transports him to work, It was quite distressing to see him crawling on his hands and knees on the pavement, rocky ground and through the mud. Through the generous donations of those that give to the general fund we spent just over $100 and provided Andrew with a custom built Bicycle that he can peddle and brake with his hands…. Andrew is blessed by your generosity!