A Lab Technician in Northern Uganda


At Otino Waa, we are all about training up the next generation in Uganda to be compassionate, capable leaders. We believe that the key to breaking the cycle of generation poverty is education. That’s why we’re so proud to share Janaan Ogwang’s story with you. 

Today, he is the only lab tech in northern Uganda. His skills are meeting a vast need in northern Uganda. Through your support, motivated individuals like Janaan are being empowered to not only take care of themselves, but meet a need in their community and country.


“It was in 2008 when I was 14 years old that I joined Otino Waa where I got quality education, good meals and very good accommodation under the care of my loving house mom. At Otino Waa, my life changed and turned around from the difficult life I lived when I lost my father who was the backbone of our family.

When my father died, I was left with my mother who was a peasant farmer and was always very sickly, unable to pay my school fees, provide food or good accommodation because our family seemed too big for her to manage. I come from a family of four boys and two girls; I am the youngest.

I went to live with my aunt, a secondary school teacher, who introduced me to Otino Waa through Rev. Dickens. At that time I was studying in a community school for children who had been disturbed by Kony’s war. I was excelling in school and always the best in class, though the quality of the school was not all that good.

When I came to Otino Waa I continued to perform well in class and took my primary graduation examinations the same year I came, 2008, and passed with good grades. I managed to be among the top four students at Otino Waa that year. I went on to complete S1-S4 and continued to earn good grades.

In Uganda, after S4, you either proceed to A level or go to any institution for higher education. I decided to go for Laboratory Technology, a two year course, and earned a certificate in Laboratory Techniques at St. Elizabeths Institute of Health Professionals, Mokono. I completed the degree in June of 2015.

After completing the course, I was contacted by Rev.Dickens and asked to start up a small, simple laboratory in the Otino Waa Medical Clinic. On August 1st, 2015, the Otino Waa lab opened and I am the one in charge. At the lab, we perform a range of tests including microscopic examinations, blood work, stool samples and much more. We are offering services to Otino Waa kids, staff, and the community at large and I am grateful to serve them all whole-heartedly.

I am really so grateful for my life and for Otino Waa as a whole. I’ve gained the hope that I lost some time back and I know I will progress to succeed. I know life is hard but God is always good. I thank God for how far I’ve reached though I want to continue to work and go further.

I want to form an alumni student association of Otino Waa to help encourage our younger brothers and sisters who are still behind us and staying at Otino Waa. I want them to be like us or even better then us.”