Monthly Archives: September 2015

Cows: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  Yesterday, a very exciting event happened. A group of cows showed up at Otino Waa to be given to the community. A few years ago, a number of individuals in the US were interested in finding a way to support the community surrounding Otino Waa. They decided to give money to Otino Waa to […]

A day at Chobe with the Mammas

Last weekend, Steve and Bridget took half of the Otino Waa Mammas to Chobe, a resort and game park on the Nile located about 1 hour from Otino Waa. During this time, the moms had a lovely breakfast together to celebrate and bless them for their hard work. Next Saturday, the other half of the […]

Primary School Dedication

Today was a very exciting day at Otino Waa. Government officials, community members, teachers and hundreds of children assembled to dedicate the new primary school building with prayers, music and speeches.   In-Country director, Steve Hurry, shared the following interviews with a primary school student and the primary school headmaster. “My name is Otengo Solomon […]