Monthly Archives: March 2015

Wednesday Kid’s Meeting

   In a village filled with almost 300 children, communication and cooperation is essential to keep things running smoothly. One of the key parts to making this happen is the Wednesday Kid’s Meeting. During this meeting, all 292 children, 29 house moms, plus other staff members and the social workers, gather to meet. There are […]

Writing from Lira

  Hi friends of Otino Waa. My name is Amanda Lawrence and I am Otino Waa’s Media and Communications Coordinator. What this means is I’m the one (usually) writing Facebook posts, blogging, updating the website, writing, sending newsletters and trying to help you stay up to date and connected with Otino Waa. I first visited […]

291 and Counting!

January is an exciting time for us at Otino Waa. It marks the end of a school year, graduation and it is when we welcome new children to join our home.   This year, we had 16 Senior 4 graduates. Of the 16, 14 have qualified for our scholarship program and are now pursuing higher […]