Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pray for Tonny

We have an urgent prayer request. One of our Otino Waa children named Tonny, a 14 year old boy who came to Otino Waa just over a year ago, was admitted into the hospital for leg pain. He was admitted to the hospital for leg pain and after a series of tests, it was found […]

Life in the Bush

To see a child of Otino Waa is to see a child or young adult that is responsive, well fed, clean and happy. When you spend time with these children you come to realize there is a story behind each child. A life so different than the one they know now. It was our desire […]

First Taste!

Do you remember the very first time you tasted ice cream? Probably not…but check out the reactions of these Otino Waa kids having their first bite of ice cream EVER!! Makes you smile, doesn’t it.    If you’d like to buy your Otino Waa child some ice cream or a cinnamon roll – maybe their […]

A Story from Pam (In-Country Director)

 Yesterday was my first class of this term. I am teaching a life skills class to senior fours. We were discussing peer pressure, and what is expected of them when they leave Otino Waa. I thought the questions they asked might make a good base for a future story. To the question what is expected […]