Monthly Archives: February 2014

Graduating Class of 2013 Test Results

Good news! The grades have just been released for our S4 students that graduated school in 2013. The results are reported based on an aggregate total score across subjects with Division 1 being the best possible. We are pleased to report that out of 14 graduating students, Otino Waa Comprehensive Secondary School students scored as follows: […]

2013 Annual Report

Otino Waa / PATH Ministries 2013 Year End Report By the goodness of God in conjunction with the prayers, generosity and hard work of many, Otino Waa was able to bless a vast number of people in 2013.  The core focus of caring for orphans and widows, raising up future leaders is stronger than ever […]

My First Day at Otino Waa Children’s Village

This is a story of collected events and emotions in the life of a new child at Otino Waa Children’s Village.  They often arrive with ragged clothing, ringworm, hungry, intestinal worms and dirty.  Often times a child is bewildered, not knowing what will happen to them next. My name is Angie.  I was a tiny […]