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A Letter to a Son or Daughter (or even an Otino Waa Kid)

A Letter to a son or daughter (or even an Otino Waa kid) (Originally from John UpChurch, Senior Editor of Dear (fill in here), Giving advice always seems such a dangerous task, balanced between two equally foreboding chasms: Impersonal clichés that do little to instruct AND a fruitless attempt to reach into your future […]

Jemma Atim

Jemma Atim was born on 1/2/1995. She speaks Luo and has three living siblings. Her mom had a total of twelve children. In 2001, both of Jemma’s parents died of HIV/AIDS. In 2002 the step mom also died of the same disease. All of the children were scattered to other family members and Jemma went […]