Monthly Archives: June 2012

Medical Clinic Progress

Dear Friends, The following pictures show the windows, doors and trusses in place, and the exterior window surroundings applied. The truss work was halted because Robert got malaria and needs a day or two to recover. (I usually need a week to recover when I get it.) There are 2 pictures of the pit latrine […]


Dear Friends, Dickens had the church cell leaders and interns meet at the church for a brief meeting, but they were unaware of the reason. He then explained that in 2010 the Cottonwood Church had donated money and 9 cows were purchased. Those went to cell leaders with the stipulation that the first calf would […]

Generators, Buildings and Play Forts!

Dear Friends, The clinic is being built as you see. The stem wall was made with burned bricks, backfill was added to bring the level to the top of the stem wall and compacted, black plastic covered the entire area. The concrete was mixed on the ground and wheel barrowed to the slab. At the […]

Answers to Prayer

Hey everyone, We wanted to let you know that God has answered some prayers in an amazing way! Douglas, the assistant pastor, POP’s teacher and Admin at Otino Waa, was approved for a visa to the United States! He will be coming this fall for about a month and be sharing more about what God […]