Our Mission

Otino Waa is a nonprofit organization caring for orphaned and vulnerable
children in northern Uganda. We are a Christ-centered ministry
with the goal of rescuing vulnerable children, edcuating them and
equipping them to succeed in life.

Meet Patricia

Patricia’s parents died at the hand of the Lord’s Resistance Army. Traumatized, alone and afriad, Patricia was hopeless. Then she came to Otino Waa, met other children like her, was cared for, went to school and began the process of healing from her tragic past.

Today, Patricia is in nursing school and working to become an OB/GYN. She is
one of hundreds of inspiring stories
of transformation.

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Our History

Otino Waa began in 2003 as an effort to rescue 78 orphans who were being targeted by the Lord’s Resistance Army to be abducted as child soldiers. What began as a rescue mission has grown into a home for hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children. Otino Waa has helped 375 children since it began.

In 2018, Otino Waa added Community Based Care to it’s structure in order to reach more vulnerable children than ever before. Through partnerships with local churches, community leaders and social workers, Otino Waa now offers both traditional orphan care as well as Community Based Care.

Our Work

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