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The best way to change the life of an orphan is to bring them into a loving family structure. As a sponsor, you are crucial to our mission to provide God-centered services to improve the quality of life for Northern Ugandan orphans, giving them hope. Your sponsorship gifts help a child with access to all of the essential needs to grow, develop and thrive.


With your financial gift, you'll make a tangible, lasting difference in the lives of Ugandan Orphans. Your gift supports both the immediate and long-term needs of these young people. Otino Waa Children’s Village does the wonderful work of providing high quality spiritual, physical, educational and health services for the most vulnerable and needy in northern Uganda.


View pictures and videos of our orphan care at Otino Waa Children’s Village. Meet the kids and get to know them through a collage of pictures and video. Also go to our store to purchase art or other articles to support and spread the message of Otino Waa Children’s Village.


A Grief Redeemed

Monday, January 08, 2018

A Grief Observed Redeemed  Read More

About Otino Waa

Otino Waa Children’s Village is an orphanage in Northern Uganda that cares for approximately 300 orphans. The orphans are brought into a new family unit consisting of 8 children and cared for by a house mom who is a widow from the community. At Otino Waa they are sheltered, clothed, have access to medical care, clean water & nutritious food.

Our approach to orphan ministry goes beyond meeting just the physical needs; we strive to holistically address these children's educational, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs and provide a place for the children to develop and mature while healing from their broken pasts.  Illera Community Church across the street provides spiritual development for the children. 

Otino Waa operates through a sponsorship program based primarily in the United States.